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Friday, April 12, 2013

To much headache for this week!


So far, this week was totally not the awesome week I've gone through! Banyak sangat masalah yang jadi. And attempt to kill people also has came across my mind. Guh! Hari-hari ada je benda yang aku buat salah. Yang paling latest tadi lah. Adik aku hamuk kat aku. HAHA. Well, my bad. I've uploaded his video on Youtube. And told him that I've deleted the video. But, yah! I didn't. I'm bad, huh? 

Balasan sebab dia sakitkan hati aku. Time ada tetamu dekat rumah pulak tu. Serve him right! And yah. I've quit my job. Lelaki dekat situ sangat-sangat gatal. Buat aku tak selesa. Tak kisahlah kerja dia tapi bila staff dia buat perangai. Aku tinggalkan. Tak hadap pun nak kerja dengan dia. Ngeng punya budak!

New thing, someone text me! Well, it's been a while actually. And he's a pervert. Gosh! But, luckily I have my own way to settled him down. And now he's changing a bit. Score! Believe me or not. He's joining a gang group. I mean a gangster group. But, he doesn't seems to be enough gangster to me. Well, he's nice. I guess. HEH!

We'll see how far both of us will go, okay! And yes, he's picked up a name for our daughter when we'll both get married. Nur Miya Badtrisyah. Actually, he thought of Nur Badtrisyah Filia. But, it sounded ugly to me. So, I've changed them by combining his and my name. So, it turns out "Miya"! Kawaii though! Finger crossed!!!


p/s :: Mood mengarut!

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